Older Adults

A 2012 book chapter

Chisnell, D. and Redish, J. C., 2012, Modelling Older Adults for Website Design, in E. Loos, L. Haddon, and E. Mante-Meijer (Eds.), Generational Use of New Media, Ashgate, 107-128.

Reports of studies funded by AARP

AARP Audience-Centered Heuristics: Older Adults.(pdf, 106 Kb)
Twenty heuristics, each with several questions, from the following two studies.

Chisnell, D. and Redish, J. C., 2005, Designing Web Sites for Older Adults: Expert Review of Usability for Older Adults at 50 Web Sites. (pdf, 1.8 Mb)

Chisnell, D. and Redish, J. C., 2004, Designing Web Sites for Older Adults: A Review of Recent Research. (pdf, 397 Kb)


Other publications from the AARP studies

Chisnell, D., Redish, J. C., Lee, A. 2006, New Heuristics for Understanding Older Adults as Web Users Technical Communication, 53 (1), February, 39-59. (pdf, 1.8 Mb)

Chisnell, D. and Redish, J. C., 2005, Who Is the Older Adult in Your Audience? Intercom, January, 10-14.


Other articles originally on the AARP site, olderwiserwired

Chisnell, D., Lee, A., and Redish, J. C., 2004, Recruiting and Working with Older Participants in Usability Studies (pdf, 156 Kb)

Tullis, T., 2003, Eight Lesson Learned and Design Implications.(pdf, 33 Kb)
For more on the study that led to these lessons learned, see the link below to Chadwick-Dias, et al., 2003.


Other useful resources on older adults

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